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Aqua’s Responds to Alleged Sewage Leak

On Sunday evening, May 21st, Aqua Virginia was notified by the Lake Monticello Owners Association (LMOA) of a lake water quality concern near Ponderosa Cove. Our team immediately responded by investigating our pump stations, grinder pumps, and sewer lines in the area. We did not find evidence of a sewer overflow and continue to work with the LMOA to monitor the area.

Protecting your safety and the environment is our top priority. We are committed to providing our customers with clean, safe, reliable water and wastewater services. If you have a question or concern regarding your current service or any other issue, please reach out to us by:

•             Sending a direct message to @MyAquaWater on Facebook or Twitter

•             Calling customer service: 877.987.2782

•             Visiting our customer service page: https://www.aquawater.com/contact-us.php

Heather Keefer

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