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Events at Lake Restaurants Chase Away Winter Hum Drum

At Lake Monticello’s restaurants, January was anything but gloomy. “Kids @ The Pub” and the Robbie Burns Supper were two fun and uplifting events that were open to the public. On January 21, a group of 5 to 13-year-olds participated in a hospitality workshop and served breakfast to their families at The Pub. Manager Jacie Dunkle and her staff took the children under their wings, teaching them everything there is to know about waiting tables. 

“This is much harder than it looks!” exclaimed Darcy Sellick, as she hurried to the kitchen to grab a forgotten item. Another child swerved out of her way, balancing a plate piled high with eggs, bacon, and French toast. The young servers-in-training rushed back and forth writing down orders, filling large glasses with beverages, grabbing extra cutlery, and entering orders in the computer system. The little hard workers took a break and joined their families for a well-deserved, free meal, then it was back to bussing tables, printing receipts, and collecting payment. Each child left The Pub with a $2 tip, a full belly, and a sense of accomplishment. 

During the Robbie Burns Supper at the Ashlawn Clubhouse on January 24, guests gathered for a unique celebration of the Scottish poet’s life and work. The evening kicked off with a scotch tasting featuring an array of flavors – one peaty scotch was described by a guest as “drinking a campfire” while the smoother Virginia Distillery’s Courage & Conviction was very popular. The hostess and bagpiper Mike Lacey paraded a plated haggis through the dining hall, followed by a colorful performance of the Address to a Haggis. This poem was written by Burns to celebrate his appreciation of the traditional dish and features a theatrical cutting of the haggis with a ceremonial knife. Quite an entertaining evening for just $35 per person!

See photos from the events below!

Kids at The Pub

Robbie Burns Supper

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