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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

GM Corner 01/13/23

Good afternoon, Team LMOA!

What is your dream for your community? As we honor Martin Luther King Jr. this Monday, please take a moment to reflect on the leader who was instrumental in shaping our civil rights. Although our staff will be observing this important holiday, LMOA offices will be open for business on January 16, 2023. 

The Lake Monticello Volunteer Rescue Squad welcomes 34 new volunteers, most of whom are UVA students. This is great news for the community. The strong group of volunteers enables the department to double its call volume, running two fully staffed ambulances 6 days a week. Well done and thank you! Read more about it HERE

Billing Statements: Member Services sent out your annual billing statement this week. We have extended the payment deadline: members have until Monday, February 13, 2023, to make the first payment. You will notice the Improved Property Fee increased to the lawful amount. This is to help offset inflation and the cost of the extra storm clean-up ($150K) from the January 5, 2022 snowstorm. Please remember that members who pay Dues, Improved Property Fees, and Barcodes with a credit card will be charged the 3% additional processing fee. This saves the association over $100K annually. 

Date Change Board & Committee Chair’s Work Session: This work session has been postponed to Wednesday, March 1. The Board of Directors (BOD) plans to meet with our Committee Chairs at the Fairway Clubhouse (time TBD) to align goals and set expectations for 2023. Committee volunteers assist the BOD by serving either an operating or advisory role for the benefit of the community. Often, they gather information, assess problems, and recommend solutions to the Board. Our residents can attend the work session on March 1, which is a great way to learn more about our committees and their charters. 

Lakeside Restaurant Winter Schedule: Our Food & Beverage mission is to serve the community well without spending unnecessarily. We are making adjustments based on various data points, striving to break even and minimize financial loss. These are challenging times (labor and supply costs are high), and we work hard to provide continued successful dining experiences and events. For these reasons, the a la carte dining option at the Lakeside Restaurant will pause for the winter season starting January 30, 2022. The venue will continue to host both community and private events throughout the year. Please contact Melissa Osborne if you wish to book a private event: 434-591-0106. 

Date Change Robbie Burns Supper: What is a Robbie Burns Supper without bagpipes? Because the bagpiper is unable to make it on the 25th, we have had to change the date to the 24th, still at Lakeside Restaurant with scotch tastings at 5:30 PM and dinner at 6 PM. If you don’t know what a Robbie Burns Supper is, you are missing a fun tradition. All around the world, people hold these events in celebration of the Scottish poet featuring haggis, poetry reading, and live bagpipe music. 

Have a great weekend!

-Tom Schauder, LMOA General Manager

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