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GM Corner 11/18/22

Good afternoon, Team LMOA!

Are you ready for these cooler temperatures? Stay warm and toasty tomorrow evening at the Main Beach (end of Ashlawn Blvd.), where we will hold a community bonfire for our neighbors and friends. Melissa Osborne will open the Shark Tank with warm snacks and drinks, and the YRF Committee will provide s’mores while supplies last. Make sure you bring a flashlight and a chair (if you want to sit). Check out our Maintenance Team building the bonfire frame HERE!

Happy Thanksgiving: We wish everyone safe travels at you get to your holiday destination. Next week will be a short week for LMOAstaff, and there will be no GM Corner on the 25th as our offices are closed on Thanksgiving Day and the 25th. It looks like it might be a full house on Thanksgiving Day at the Lakeside Restaurant. It is fantastic to see so many reservations! We wish everyone a safe, and happy Thanksgiving!

Resident Rescued from Lake: A huge thank you goes out to Lake Monticello Water Rescue Chief, John Lye. Early this morning, a resident was rescued from the cold waters of Jackson Cove. Also, our First Responders and our Public Safety Department did a fantatsicjob for working together and taking action to make this lifesaving rescue. Director of Public Safety David Wells spoke to the family, who expressed gratitude for the heroic deed. John Lye humbly accepts their thanks, saying, “I am glad that the homeowner called it in, and we were able to get to him when we did. That’s what we train for but hope we don’t need to use that training.” We are very proud of our volunteer and career first responders who put in countless hours serving our community. LMOA is very lucky to have such a dedicated and professional team!

Pub Phone: Phone service at The Pub has been restored. Feel free to call 434-591-0106 to make a reservation. The Pub is CLOSED Thanksgiving Day but will be open on the 25th (Lakeside Restaraunt will be CLOSED the 25th). 

Wake-enhancement Devices: At last night’s board meeting, our Board of Directors decided to prohibit wake-enhancement devices and wake surfing for safety reasons. The discussion surrounding wake-enhancement devices at Lake Monticello started about a year ago. The policy change resulted from a Water Safety Town Hall on January 20, 2022, an independent study conducted by Solitude, recommendations from committees, staff, and legal counsel, and of course, an abundance of feedback from residents. The new rule goes into effect on January 1, 2023. 

2023 Budget: The Board passed the 2023 Budget last night, which includes 3% dues increase, increases on the fee schedule, and a higher Improved Property Fee. These raises are necessary to recover the labor costs associated with cleaning up the January 5th snowstorm at the start of this year. They will also help to offset inflation. Other changes in the new year include:

  • Credit Card Charge: The 2023 billing statements will be mailed out by January 7, 2023.Please be aware that, starting January 1, 2023, Members who pay dues with a credit card will be charged the full credit card fee of $35 instead of $5. This saves the Membership over $100K per year. 
  • Guest Barcodes: Starting January 1, 2023, guest barcodes will only be valid in the year they are issued instead of 12 months. For example, if you purchase a guest barcode for $35 on June 1, 2023, it will be valid through December 31, 2023, and not June 1, 2024. Please keep this in account when you purchase a guest barcode.

Aqua: Aqua Virginia’s President, John Aulbach, plans to present at the December 15th board meeting. We welcome residents to send questions concerning Aqua to the special email address aquaconcerns@lmoa.org by November 28, 2022. We also encourage residents to voice concerns individually by contacting the State Corporation Commission: https://scc.virginia.gov/. Your involvement is essential. 

Bathrooms: By November 21, the water will be turned off at the bathrooms of beaches 1-4, and the facilities will be winterized. These closures save energy during winter and prevent water damage expenses due to freezing temperatures. The bathrooms at Ashlawn and Bunker Parks will close in December. The Golf Course and Marina bathrooms will remain open.

839 Jefferson Drive: November 30 is the deadline to submit a Bid to Purchase form for the property at 839 Jefferson Drive. If you have not requested a form and are interested in purchasing the lot, please get in touch with tschauder@lmoa.org.

Firefly: For the latest update, please click HERE

Dog Beaches: LMOA staff recommended that the Board of Directors change the policy to allow leashed pets on Beaches 2 and 5 every year from December 1 through March 31. The Board will likely decide on this at the December 15 regular meeting at 7 PM at the Fairway Clubhouse (51 Bunker Blvd.).

4th of July Fireworks: In 2023, the beautiful fireworks tradition at Lake Monticello will be held on July 2nd. The competitive market among fireworks providers, staffing challenges, and price increases of fireworks have made this decision to change the date a board-approved necessity; having the display on the 4th was not obtainable. Please mark your calendar accordingly, and thank you for understanding. 

Plan Your Month: We know December is busy for everyone, so we would like to help you plan a little earlier than usual. The Plan Your Month email will go out this coming Monday (11/21). If you have an activity or charity you would like to be included, please send MariekeHenry a detailed email to mhenry@lmoa.com. Be sure to include where, when, what, and any costs involved. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

-Tom Schauder, LMOA General Manager

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