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GM Corner with Tom Schauder 1/20/23

Good afternoon, Team LMOA!

On Thursday next week, the Board will meet at 7 PM in the Fairway Clubhouse. Please join us in person or watch the meeting live via YouTube or Comcast channel 977. Sign up to speak by emailing krivera@lmoa.org. If you are interested in running for the Board, please pick up a Candidate Petition Packet on February 3, 2023, at 41 Ashlawn Blvd.

Aqua Virginia: On January 25, 2023Aqua Virginia will present its case to the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to raise rates for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Charge (WWISC). Our Board President Larry Henson submitted two pages of comments on behalf of LMOA which reflect the opposition to the WWISC expressed by Lake Monticello residents who provided feedback in the fall of 2022. Larry Henson thanks LMOA Staff, the Community Development Committee members, and residents for supporting his efforts to get these comments submitted. Additionally, LMOA Board members and staff have met with Aqua Virginia’s President and Fluvanna County representatives to voice concerns face-to-face. Aqua Virginia’s Regional Communications Specialist, Heather Keefer, says the company would like to work closer with the community and has submitted ideas on how to accomplish that goal. Delegate Rob Bell has been very helpful in addressing concerns with Dominion Power and could potentially provide support in other areas as well. LMOA Staff will continue communicating with him. This Wednesday, the Community Development Committee’s Chair, Tom Diggs, will attend the SCC hearing, informing the Board of the outcome. Find the comments and other case-related info HERE.

Wine Dinner: We are getting great feedback about last night’s wine dinner at the Ashlawn Clubhouse. These monthly dinners are consistently sold out and very well-received by the community. Thank you, Melissa Osborne, Jacie Dunkle, and Marshall Wiley for making these events so unique and successful. Italian-style steak and mussels are on the menu for February 9, 2023. Reserve HERE

This Weekend’s Events: Enjoy LIVE JAZZ at The Pub tonight. Tomorrow morning, children get to participate in a fun learning opportunity at The Pub. Drop them off at 10 AM for a short training where they pick up hospitality skills. They will set tables and serve breakfast to their families, then sit down and eat with them (no charge for children who participate in the activity), and finally, bus the tables and clean up. Check out the details and reserve HERE. Tomorrow night, come to the Ashlawn Clubhouse for live music from ChickenHead Blues, dancing, and food from 6 – 8:30 PM. The menu includes Grilled BBQ Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Collard Greens, Garden Salad, Rolls, and Peach and Apple Pie. $28 per person covers the buffet and entertainment. Reserve HERE!

Valentine’s Dinner: The menu is live and Lakeside Restaurant is taking reservations! Have a look at the menu HERE.

Holiday Lights & Decorations: Just ten more days to enjoy your holiday lights. Our Field Inspector Henry Owen asks that you please clean up your December holiday decorations by January 31st.Thank you!

Hunting: We would like to remind folks that hunting wildlife at Lake Monticello is prohibited. Not only is it prohibited, but shooting firearms, bows and arrows, and crossbows can easily cause an accident with the homes being as close to each other as they are. Please keep each other safe and do not shoot wildlife. It is also unlawful to feed wildlife in Virginia. Thank you for understanding.

Firefly: Find their update HERE

Billing: Our Accountant and Member Services Manager, Kim Crowder, thanks all of the residents who are doing an outstanding job paying dues on time. Her team members Lisa Henry and Kim Spitler are making a great effort in assisting her with processing payments. Kim welcomes any questions and is happy to help. Contact her at 434-589-8263 or kcrowder@lmoa.org.

Have a great weekend!

-Tom Schauder, LMOA General Manager

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