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GM Corner with Tom Schauder 1/27/23

Happy Friday, Team LMOA!

We would like to thank all of you for following the GM Corner which is LMOA’s main source of important and fun news. Did you know that by utilizing this free service, you help reduce spending? LMOA spends a minimum of $3000 on postage and material each time we send out a letter to the whole community. That’s why we hope you encourage your neighbors to sign up for this convenient newsletter. Here’s what happened this week:

Aqua Virginia: It looks like Aqua may be allowed to raise rates. At the State Corporation Commission (SCC) hearing on Wednesday, LMOA was represented by our Community Development Committee Chair, Tom Diggs. He was the only opponent present. The hearing officer is going to recommend to the SCC Commissioners (who make the final decision) that Aqua Virginia be permitted to charge customers a Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Service Charge (WWISC). However, the recommendation is that the amount of that charge to customers should be an average of $1.04 per month rather than the $3.64 per month that Aqua Virginia requested. In about a month, there will be a 1-week period when we can provide comments about the recommendation. We highly recommend residents prepare comments; we will have more information on how to submit your comments soon. Until the final SCC decision, Aqua Virginia may collect the average of $3.64 per month from each customer. Aqua Virginia will have to refund any charges they collect that are over what the SCC Commissioners approve.


Public Safety: At last night’s board meeting, our Director of Public Safety, David Wells, presented his progress on rebuilding LMOA’ssafety and security team. Recent developments include ordering police body cameras and two handheld radars. His goals for 2023 are to establish police patrol on the water, develop a plan to update our access control system, and to continue enhancing training and community engagement. He also emphasized that: 

  • The primary functions of our unarmed security officers are access control (the gates) and LMOA asset protection (buildings and common areas).
  • Our police officers provide police patrol, law enforcement, and emergency services to the whole community.
  • If you need LMOA Police to report a crime, call the Sheriff Dispatch Center at 434-589-8211 as they provide our primary police dispatch services. 
  • For any emergency, call 911. 

Future Projects: The equipment for the all-inclusive playground at Lafayette Park has arrived and will likely be installed this spring. The gate entry system is beyond economical repair and will need an upgrade in the next two years. We are researching alternative systems that are both affordable and convenient; however, this will be an expensive project. LMOA is also conducting a cost-benefit analysis for solar projects on the two clubhouses. We will have more on all of these topics soon. 

The ‘Campground’: Our Board of Directors (BOD) voted on a policy change that clearly defines acceptable utilization of the so-called LMOA Campground (44 acres owned by LMOA, located at Campground Circle). The property may be used as a storage facility by property owners in good standing for RVs, boats, trailers, cars, and trucks at a fee provided the watercraft and vehicles are in running/towable condition and insured for liability. Additionally, boats must be registered with the Marina. No storage of household items nor overnight stays are allowed, and LMOA is not liable for any damage to watercraft/vehicles stored.

Annual Meeting: The BOD also set the schedule for the 51st Annual Meeting. It will take place on June 24, 2023, with a special meeting on April 6 to certify board candidates and petitions. Petition packets for candidates and member proposals are available Friday, February 3, and are due Monday, March 27, at 5 PM. There will be at least 4 openings for board candidates. If you have any questions about running for the board, please feel free to email Marieke Henry at mhenry@lmoa.org

Boating Policy: Late last year, the Board decided to prohibit wake surfing and the deployment of wake enhancement devices. Because the policy manual needs to be updated to reflect that decision, the Director of Public Safety, David Wells, – in collaboration with the Safety and Security Committee – has updated the boating policy, which hasn’t been updated in many years. In a Resolution Proposal (first reading), he stated the changes “will improve safety on the waters of LMOA by defining approved vessels and usages for Lake Monticello and Tufton Lake”.  The proposed changes specify that:

  • wake surfing is prohibited; boats with wake enhancement devices are allowed only if the devices are not deployed 
  • anyone wanting to introduce novel watercraft or water sports must have BOD approval first
  • anyone under age 12 is not allowed to operate a motorboat on the Lake, nor would anyone under age 16 be allowed to operate a boat with more than 10 hp
  • All motorized boat operators over age 16 must pass the LMOA boater exam every five years (NOTE: this boater exam can be taken online at home or at the Marina on a tablet. Study material is available on the member side of lmoa.org under the Marina tab or at the Marina.)
  • those under the age of 16 must wear a life jacket while operating any boat
  • those aged 12-16 would be allowed to operate a motorboat under the direct supervision of an adult who is able to take immediate control of the boat

Members Not in Good Standing: According to our Director of Finances and Member Services, Mike Warner, only 8% of our members are not in good standing; however, many of those members have not paid dues in many years. For this reason, LMOA has turned several members who are not in good standing with extensive debt over to attorneys for collections. This is a very unpleasant but necessary action to collect the debt.


Culverts: Our Field Inspector Henry Owen will be focusing on drainage issues in the coming weeks. He hopes reminding folks to clear culverts and ditches of leaves ahead of time will prevent anyone from receiving a violation letter. According to LMOA policy, property owners are required to “clean out the culvert pipe and the adjacent ditch, from property line to property line, of dirt, leaves, and debris.” This rule is important because it keeps leaves out of our Lake, thus promoting Lake health and supporting our ongoing dredging efforts. Thank you for doing your part to keep the Lake healthy!

839 Jefferson Drive: This lot has been sold to DES Construction. LMOA bought the abandoned lot in the summer of 2022, demolished the unsalvageable home, and accepted bids on the property in the fall. This was advertised in the GM Corner and the Fluvanna Review multiple times. DES Construction was the highest bidder. 

Boat Registrations & Slip/Rack Payments: 2023 stickers for motor and non-motorized boats are now available for purchase. Payments for slips and racks are due March 1 and late after March 31. Unpaid slips and racks will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Also, online boat registration is available at lmoa.org. Log in and check under the Amenities, Marina tab. Prior to the purchase of a new or used boat, please reference the LMOA boating policies.

Have a great weekend!

-Tom Schauder, LMOA General Manager

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