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Join the Effort to Plant With a Purpose 

 Spring has sprung! It is so tempting to set out flowers and get digging in the dirt, but here in Central Virginia, you may want to wait until May to avoid an unexpected frost. Something else to consider before you even pick your plants is the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) program, ‘Gardening for Wildlife’. Already, over 80 homes at Lake Monticello are certified through the program by choosing gardening practices that benefit birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. You can be part of the effort!

By committing to NWF’s recommended gardening practices, you can create a backyard oasis that supports cleaner air, purer water, and healthier natural habitats for yourself and our local wildlife. “It is a way for us to collaborate,” says LMOA Wildlife Committee Co-Chair Jorja Stark. “We can be a part of the big picture as 6 million Americans support the educational and conservational ideas of the NWF. It brings us together for a healthier planet.”

You can create a Certified Wildlife Habitat in your yard. This requires sustainable gardening practices as well as providing wildlife with food and water sources, places of cover, and places to raise young. However, choosing plants that benefit wildlife already helps. The federation makes it simple to plant for wildlife. You can order its native plant collections through the website https://gardenforwildlife.com.

The Wildlife Committee is Here to Help

LMOA’s Wildlife Committee is on a mission to receive community certification through the program, which fits into the Lake Monticello’s strategic plan for a greener community. That’s why the members would love to assist you get started. Jorja says, “There are 80 yards certified at Lake Monticello, but we need 175 yards to participate. If you are interested in making a difference by attracting birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, please get in touch with a committee member (434-589-5997), pick up an application at one of the Lake’s clubhouses, or visit nwf.org/garden!”

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