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Work Initiated on All-inclusive Playground

Photo, left to right: Chris Fairchild, Tom Schauder, Nancy Parsons, and Larry Henson

“We are looking forward to a safe and inclusive place for our disabled 2-year-old to play with other children!” Hallie Earman said on Friday, March 17, 2023. She came to the groundbreaking ceremony at Lake Monticello’s Lafayette Park where construction on an all-inclusive playground will take place in the coming weeks.

The Lake Monticello Community Foundation (LMCF) has worked hard to raise over $92K to fund special equipment and landscaping that enhances the play experience of children and parents with mobility and other limitations. 

“Play and exploration are so important to a child’s development,” said Hallie, Fluvanna County resident and mother of 2-year-old Jack. “A place with minimal boundaries is needed. We loved the welcoming community we found at the groundbreaking!”

The playground at Lafayette Drive will be taped off for several weeks while construction takes place. In addition to new play equipment, the playground will be fenced in and a special ramp and path make it accessible to children and parents with mobility limitations.

LMCF expects to raise the remaining needed funds this spring. Participants in the groundbreaking included LMOA President Larry Henson, Fluvanna County Supervisor Chris Fairchild, LMCF President Nancy Parsons, and LMOA GM Tom Schauder. 

LMOA and LMCF are working with the Fluvanna County School System to identify families who would benefit from an all-inclusive playground. We look forward to welcoming these families to our neighborhood.

L to R: Chris Fairchild, Tom Schauder, Nancy Parsons and Larry Henson
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